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HP Envy 14 1110nr 14 5 Inch Relic Laptop PC Up to 3 45 Hours of Battery Life Carbon Review

I returned the Envy 14 with defective trackpad, and received FULL refund plus shipping and got a replacement ENVY 14. Trackpad is a NONE issue now. Clicking is gone, while it's still a bit jumpy, but I just went to the synaptic trackpad setting and lowered the sensitiveness slightly and now it's perfect. Fan noise still low, display is gorgeous and all game can be played at max level e.g. Starcraft 2 and Black Ops. By the way, as a pleasant surprise, I just found out All ENVY series laptop are covered under 2 years warranty! This is the best laptop I have EVER owned, don't hesitate to buy it!

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