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Cyber Monday Computer Deal

Samsung RF510 S01 15 6 Inch HD LED Laptop Graphite Radiant Burst Review

I purchased this laptop several weeks ago. It runs smoothly, didn't come with a lot of garbage on it (a few games that I won't use, but not a l... weiterlesen
24.12.10 20:02


HP Envy 14 1110nr 14 5 Inch Relic Laptop PC Up to 3 45 Hours of Battery Life Carbon Review

I returned the Envy 14 with defective trackpad, and received FULL refund plus shipping and got a replacement ENVY 14. Trackpad is a NONE issue ... weiterlesen
24.12.10 20:02

Toshiba Qosmio X505 Q896 18 4 Inch Laptop Fusion Finish in Omega Black Review

Wow. This is an awesome computer. High performance machine delivering high performance results. Great graphics display. I run WOW maxed out on ... weiterlesen
24.12.10 20:02

Dell Inspiron i17R 2248MRB 17 3 Inch Laptop Mars Black Review

So far so good. Bought this after a horrible experience with a brand new Toshiba. So far I like it. Good keyboard, beautiful screen. It's a lit... weiterlesen
24.12.10 20:01

Toshiba Satellite A665 S6055 LED TruBrite 16 Inch Laptop Black Review

the design, limited edition because of the 25th anniversary. It is just beautifull and very stylish, less prone to fingerprints, the keyboard i... weiterlesen
21.12.10 22:51

Apple MacBook Air MC503LL A 13 3 Inch Laptop Review

I'm sure there are more pros, and maybe even a con or two, but these are the big deciding factors in choosing an air over any other laptop. I t... weiterlesen
21.12.10 22:51

Apple iMac MC510LL A 27 Inch Desktop Review

This was a transition from the PC for me, and I was originally going to get a Macbook, until a friend convinced me to try the all-in-one iMac. ... weiterlesen
21.12.10 22:51

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